Hooters Now Offers Meatless “Unreal Wings”

Hooters has teamed up with Quorn, a vegan product company, to offer meatless wings.

The meatless chicken wings don’t contain chicken… and they really aren’t wings either.  The “Unreal Wings” are of the boneless, nugget-like variety.  Hooters says the new items are lower in calories than the standard offering.

“By partnering with Quorn, we were able to create the taste, texture and crispiness of our world-famous chicken wings perfectly. Similar to our launch of smoked wings and roasted wings with half the calories of our regular wings, the Unreal wings provide our guests a healthier option without compromising on the full Hooters Wing flavor they know and love.” – Hooters chief marketing officer Carl Sweat

The restaurant also claims the Hooter Girls can’t tell the difference.

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