Most Unique Slang Terms In America

Mental put together a list of the most unique slang terms from all 50 states.

“Shark bait”  In Hawaii, is a term locals use for tourists who are so pale, they’ll attract sharks if they get in the water.

“Roofer”  In Arkansas, it’s a synonym for idiot or moron.

“Gaper”  In Colorado, it’s a derogatory term for a bad skier.

No-See-Ums”  In Florida, “no-see-ums” are gnats, or other small bugs that are hard to see.

“Chitlans”  If someone from Georgia says you have “lovely chitlans,” they mean you have lovely children.

“Hot brown”  In Kentucky, it’s a type of open-faced sandwich.

“It’s brick”  In Massachusetts, if something is “brick,” it means it’s very cold.

“Pigeon”  In Nevada, it’s a gambler who keeps throwing more money at a bad bet.

“J’eet?”  It’s what someone in Oklahoma sounds like when they say “did you eat?”

“Snoopy”  In Pennsylvania, it means you’re a picky eater.

“Greenie”  In Wyoming, it means someone from Colorado, because their license plates are green.

In Louisiana……’Pass a Good Time” which we all know means…Let’s Pass a Good Time!!

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