Vermilion Parish Teacher Handcuffed at School Board Meeting

screenshot courtesy of News 15

The story of a Vermilion Parish Teacher handcuffed at a school board meeting is going viral today.  Here are some details from our news partners at News 15. You can watch the Video below.

A teacher was arrested at tonight’s Vermilion Parish School Board Meeting (1/8/18) during a discussion about renewing the superintendent’s contract.

A video posted on Youtube, by Chris Rosa, shows a woman who was later identified as Deisha Hargrave questioning how the superintendent could get a raise when teachers, according to her, haven’t seen a bump in pay in years.

The board asked her to leave, but ultimately a city marshal’s deputy led her out of the boardroom and cuffed her in the hallway outside.

Board member Kibbie Pillette says the board voted 5 to 3 to give the superintendent a 3-year extension with a $38 thousand dollar raise.

Superintendent Jerome Puyau adds they don’t plan to press charges against Hargrave.