Nearly Impossible Question

Every weekday afternoon at 3:50, Fast asks a challenging trivia question. The first caller with the correct answer wins prizes and bragging rights! The NIQ is presented by: Audubon Lakes Apartment Homes


1/7 – This did not happen during the Holidays for over half of U.S. adults. What?

Receive a Christmas bonus

12/19 – About 10% of people say this is the first thing they do when they get out of bed in the morning. What is it?

Check on their pets

12/5 – Parents do this with their children about 5 times a week. What?


11/28 – The average the temperature of this is 105 degrees. What?

A “hot” shower!

11/26 – Over 95% of people say this activity is not a good idea on a first date.


11/20 – On average, American’s eat almost 3,000 of these in their lifetime. What?

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

11/19 – The oldest one of these in the U.S. is 98 years old. What?


11/12 – About 15% of men will not date a woman that does this. What?

Roots for a rival sports team

11/5 – When it comes to “Black Friday”, men are more likely than women to do this. What?

Shop in a store!

10/31 – The average person does this 150 times per month. What?


10/30 – 20% of people are superstitious when it comes to this. What?

Sports (rituals, etc)

10/29 – When moving in to a new home, 25% of people immediately replace these. What?

The toilet seats!

10/26 – On average, Americans do this 3 times a day. What?

Go somewhere in a car!

10/25 – About 60% of people do this once a week. What?

Change the bath towel

10/24 – 2% of people say they would do this if they won the lottery. What?

Roll around in the money!!

10/23 – Before going to bed, women are twice as likely as men to do this. What?

Take a sleeping pill!

10/22 – The average American home has over 100 of these. What?


10/19 – The average American adult will buy these about every 1,100 days. What?

New tires!

10/18 – About 5% of people do this while stopped at a red light. What?

Brush their teeth

10/15 – According to women, this is THE MOST annoying thing about men.

They never admit to being wrong!

10/9 – 10% of men purchase these on a regular basis. What?


10/8 – 60% of us had one of these when we were young. What?

A jump rope

10/4 – Almost 20% of people do this once a week. What?

Show up late for work

10/3 – 20% of Americans have no idea if their car has one of these. What?

A spare tire!

10/2 – Almost half of U.S. adults so this every morning. What?

Take a vitamin!

10/1 – 80% of people do this while they work. What?

Listen to music

9/24 – Close to 20% of men have this on their desk. What?

A picture of their pet!

9/21 – These were originally invented to keep children quiet in church. What?

Candy canes!

9/20 – Over 30% of people would not date someone who has this. What?

A flip phone!

9/18 – People who do this have more friends than people who don’t. What?

Make their bed every day

9/17 – About 25% of us do not know this about our significant other. What?

Their favorite salad dressing!

9/14 – About 10% of us did this before we got to work today. What?

Spilled something

9/13 – What household chore is considered worse than cleaning the toilet?

Cleaning the shower drain!

8/30 – About 1/3 of people think this should not be worn at work. What?

Animal print clothing

8/28 – There’s a 50/50 chance of a man having this by the time he’s 50. What?

Male pattern baldness

8/27 – Only about 30% of people still do this. What?

Write checks!

8/24 – This doesn’t work in one out of every four U.S. homes. What?


8/23 – Experts say you can predict this about a person based on their favorite music. What?

Their income!

8/22 – 20% of people say they would do this if they had more time.


8/21 – Almost 20% of women have kept this secret from their husband this year. What?

A fender bender

8/20 – In a recent survey, over 5% of people say they eat this every day. What?

Fried Chicken

8/17 – Americans spend more money on  this now than ever before. What?


8/16 – Coffee is the most recognizable smell. Peanut Butter is second. What’s third?

A rose!

8/15 – About 5% of Moms, young and old, have this in common.

They had their baby on the due date

8/14–Out of the 45 U.S. Presidents only two have this in common?

They didn’t have a pet while in office!

8/13–A Little over 5% of People In The World Have This In Common?

A College Degree!

8/10 – 4% of people say they NEVER do this. What?

Wash their car!

8/9 – About 20% of kids know this about a parent. What?

Their phone password!

8/8 – When arguing with your spouse, you should never say…

Calm Down!

8/7 – A new study says that doing this every two weeks can add up to 9 years to your life. What?

Attending a concert!

8/3 – This happens to the average person every 3 minutes. What?

An app on their phone tracks them!

8/2 – Over half of women say a “real man” isn’t afraid of this. What?


8/1 – In average American households, women do this over 70% of the time.

Make the bed!

7/31 – About half of people think that doing this puts them in a better mood. What?

A long,hot shower!

7/30 – When it comes to eating habits, about 10% of us do this unusual thing…

Put milk in a bowl BEFORE cereal!

7/27 – This is the number one pet peeve of dads.

People leaving the lights on!

7/26 – About 25% of American adults will do this this summer. What?

Vacation alone!

7/25 – About 35% of Americans admit to having one of these. What?

An accent!

7/24 – Over 10% of us have kept this since elementary school…

Our best friend!

7/23 – Over 30% of children that receive an allowance get paid to do this. What?

Clean up the dog poop!

7/20 – The average American will eat about 26 of these every year. What?


7/19 – On average, Americans visit one of these three times a year. What?

A museum.

7/18 – What’s Fast’s real middle name?


7/17 – Almost 80% of women say men over 30 shouldn’t do this. What?

Wear an earring!

7/16 – About half of US adults wish they could do this at home. What?

Sleep in a different room than their significant other!

7/13 – About 30% of people do this while getting dressed. What?

Put on their belt counter-clockwise!

7/12 – What’s the most popular vacation activity in the US?


7/11 – On any given day, about half of Americans eat this. What?


7/10 – 50% of children from big cities have never done this. What?

Roast marshmallows!

7/9 – About 10% of adults thought this was gross as kids and still think it is now. What?

Seeing their parents kiss!!

7/6–4 Out of Every 10 American Households have this in their kitchen, What is it?


6/29 – Over half of us will do this at some point this weekend. What?


6/27 – 25% of American adults have never been inside this place.

Next door neighbor’s house

6/26 – Most Americans do this before 11 am. What?


6/25 – Almost 20% of men say they have never done this. What?

Worn a tuxed

6/22 – What is the most common medical condition?

Tooth decay!

6/21 – 1/4 0f people never use this product. Another 25% use it every day! What?

Cologne / perfume

6/20 – We spend an average of 18 minutes a day thinking about this. What?


6/19 – The average age of this item in U.S. homes is almost 2 years old. What?

Salad dressing

6/18 – Over 1/2 of women say this is their man’s worst habit. What?

Constantly changing the channels

6/15 – About a third of Dads have embarrassed their daughter by doing this…

Not wearing a shirt when her friend’s are at the house

6/14 – Almost 25% of Dads want this for Father’s Day. What?

A homemade gift!

6/13 – 40% of people surveyed said if money was no object, they would do this. What?

Go on a safari!

6/12 – On average, we have 19 of these. What?


6/8 – About 70% of Americans are fed up with this. What?

The news!

6/7 – New research says doing this on the weekends can extend your life. What?

Sleeping in!

6/6 – 3/4 of people do this and are often embarrassed if they get caught. What?

Sing in the car!

6/5 – Research says that today (Tuesday) is the best day to go here. Where?

The bank!

6/4 – A new study says this makes us order unhealthy food when dining out. What?

Loud music!

6/1 – 25% of hiring managers say this is a deal-breaker. What?

A weak handshake!

5/31 – A new survey says this is the most annoying phrase used at meetings. What?

“Think outside the box”!

5/30 – 10% of people have had this happen while on a date. What?

A vehicle accident! Congrats to Doyle Fontenot of Carencro!

5/25 – About 30% of people say they NEVER eat this. What?

Hot dogs!

5/23 – Over 40% of us do this always do this at mealtime. What?

Add salt! Congrats to Amanda Istre of Breaux Bridge!

5/22 – 70% of people with one of these don’t use it for it’s original purpose. What?


5/21 – Almost 50% of women surveyed say they have stopped dating a guy because he doesn’t do this. What?

Replace the toilet paper roll! Congrats to Amy Arceneaux!

5/18 – Sales of this item have increased almost 40% over the last decade. What?


5/16 – About one out of four children say they would do this everyday if they were President. What?

Eat ice cream!

5/15 – The average parent does this about 150 times per year. What?

Eats standing up!

5/14 – Over half of women never leave home without this. What?

A mirror.

5/11 – Almost 30% of workers say this is their biggest pet peeve about their coworkers. What?

Chewing too loudly

5/9 – Canadians use more of this per person than anyone else. What?


5/8 – When asked to name a type of bell, doorbell was the number one answer. What was second?


5/2 – On average, American adults make this purchase every 2 1/2 years. What are we buying?


5/1 – Almost 60% of us say it’s been over 5 years since we’ve done this. What?

Use a payphone! Congrats to Jason Cook

 4/30 – North Americans drink more of this than any other region. What?

Orange Juice! Congrats to Melliny Waters

4/27-Around 5% of people surveyed said that THIS was their motivation to lose weight..what is it?

To Get A New Job

4/25 – About 20% of women would rather do this than have a romantic evening with their partner. What?


4/24 – What’s the number one food people like to eat, but not for breakfast?


4/23 – More than 60% 0f women will will kiss a guy on the first date if he ________ good. What?


4/20 – Research says men are healthier, happier and more confident if they have one of these. What/

A sister!

4/19 – More people are allergic to this than any other food. What?

Milk and/or eggs. Congrats to Frankie Mulligan!

4/12 – What sport has 4 letters, is played all over the world, and begins with a T(ee)?


4/9 – There are about 100,000 of these in the U.S. About 20% of them are in New York City. What?

Payphones! Congrats to Roger George of Lake Charles

4/5 – Almost 20% of people have done this at work. What?

Eaten a co-worker’s lunch! Today’s winner is Larry Haywood of Breaux Bridge!

4/4 – 35% of people would give this up to get a raise. What?

Their right to vote! Congrats to Amy Verret, today’s Zeus winner!

 4/3 – The height of this is 697′. What?

The tallest building in Louisiana (One Shell Square in New Orleans)

3/28 – According top a new survey, about 8% of cars in the U.S. have this in common. What?

The “check engine” light is on! Nice job Jaclyn Monceaux!

3/27 – Over 95% of homes have at least one of these. What?

A bottle of ketchup! Congrats to Christian Rainey!

3/26 – According to a new survey, female drivers are 80% more likely to do this. What?

Lose their keys! Congrats to Kelli Moody

3/23 – Over 30% of guys use this because they think it makes them look better. What?


3/22 – 5% of people can’t do this. What?

Snap their fingers!

3/21 – 700% of women say they feel guilty when they do this in the morning. What?

Leave dity dishes in the sink! Today’s winner is Peggy Landry of Hathaway!

3/20 – In a new survey of college students, this is the #1 “must have” in dorm rooms…

Energy drinks! Congrats to Lauren Woods of Rayne

3/19 – Until 1950, Americans did this twice a day. Since then, they only do it once per day. What?

Check the mail! Congrats to Dennis Broussard!

3/16 – 40% of men don’t know this about their significant other. What?

Their favorite flower! Congrats to Jane Duhon of Mermentau.

3/14 – 84% of women say they will never date a man that does this. What?

Picks his nose! Congrats to Michelle Stelly of Lafayette!

3/13 – On average, this lasts for 4 days. What?

A diet! Congrats to Jason Cook of Lafayette

3/12 – A recent survey declared this the most popular breakfast cereal. What?

Honey Nut Cheerios! Congrats to Honey Nut Cheerios eater Melanie Waters for figuring it out first!

3/9 – Over 50% of women like this on a man. What?

A tattoo! Congrats to Rhonda Guidry of Rayne!

3/7 – About 2/3 of women have dumped a guy because he did too much of this. What?

Complaining! Congrats to Jerry Lewis of Breaux Bridge for having today’s highest nIQ!

3/6 – When asked the question “If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be”, most people said this…

Pizza! Nice job Sheila Wyble of Opelousas, today’s Zeus winner!

3/5 – Only about 20% of college students possess this skill. What is it?

Writing in cursive! Congrats to Crystal Lockhart of Lake Arthur!!