Shawn Murphy

Hang out with Shawn Murphy from 10 til 3 every Monday – Friday! Weekdays between noon and one, Shawn serves up a one hour helping of requested music! Listeners can call or post requests on facebook for a calorie free musical lunch.



Mosquito Magnet!

There could be a room full of people and the mosquito will find me as the snack!   5 Surprising Reasons Mosquitoes May Bite You a Lot Via Are you itching to figure out why mosquitoes

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Drago’s Sign Going Up

Acadiana, are you ready for Drago’s? Drago’s Lafayette Sign Going Up Via This is why we do what we do. I was on a simple errand, when I decide to make a quick pass by… 08/17/2017

Robert Plant releasing new music

New Music from Robert Plant coming in October, it’s his first solo album in 3 years! Robert Plant Releasing ‘Carry Fire’ Album in October, Listen to ‘The May Queen’ Now Via Rock icon Robert Plant will