Lafayette Woman Dances at Oscars with Jamie Foxx


According to our News Partners at The Advertiser,

Candy Domengeaux, an employee of Graham Group, is in charge of marketing and advertising for Supreme Rice.  Supreme is a local rice mill based out of Crowley.  Recently Candy sent a Supreme Rice ‘Care Package’ to celebrity chef, Bryan David Scott.

“A couple weeks before the Oscars,” she explains, celebrity chef Bryan David Scott, commented on one of my social media posts and asked to get in touch with me. He wanted information about Supreme Rice, because he never saw a rice brand on Instagram and loved the marketing.”

Turns out, he quickly acquired a taste for the product, too.

“He said, ‘This is everything I want to use in my dishes,’ ” Domengeaux says. “He wanted to latch onto a product that was local, family-owned and philanthropic. He loved that about Supreme Rice. I sent him some samples, and when he got them, he told me, ‘Candy, this rice is truly supreme.’ “

Chef and celebrities alike, loved Supreme Rice! Domengeaux went on to comment, “Scott told me that he wanted me and the client to come to Beverly Hills as VIPs for a party the Friday night before the Oscars.”

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