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2018 Festival International

Festival International is this week, so much will be going on for this years festival. From Music, to Art, to Culture it’s all coming to Downtown Lafayette! Happy Festival! For all of the info. on […]

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A Real Life Transformer?

We all know about Transformers right? The Cartoons and Toys from the 80’s, the recent movies…but are transformers real?? First Look, this vehicle looks like a Chrysler Van or SUV! Watch the video below! What […]

Volunteer for Festival!

You can still volunteer for this years Festival International! You have your choice of dates, shifts, & jobs. Celebrate 32 years of Festival International de Louisiane, April 25-29, 2018!  Get in on the ground level and […]

Funniest Kid Reactions (VIDEO)

From NTD Funniest Facebook page, here’s a compilation of some of the funniest kid reactions.  At some point, I’m sure most of our kids have given us a great reaction!  Maybe a scared reaction, suprised […]