Blake Shelton is Releasing a Hard Lemonade Seltzer

Blake Shelton is teaming up Smithworks Vodka to create a line of hard seltzer lemonades.


The four flavors include Classic Lemon, Ripe Strawberry, Southern Peach Tea, and Crisp Lime.  Each can is brewed with natural lemonade flavors and contains five percent ABV, 100 calories, and one gram of sugar. The drinks are currently available in 17 states but will expand as the year goes on.

“Made with pride and rooted in values of the Heartland, Smithworks and I want to celebrate with new drinks and old friends,” Blake stated in a press release. “Our new Smithworks hard seltzers taste like liquid sunshine. Infused with the flavors of crisp and refreshing lemonade, it’s the perfect way to kick back and cool off this summer.”




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