Dad Accused of Dressing Up as a Referee to Help Son’s Team Win a High School Game

Richard Mercado’s son plays football for Nazareth Academy, which is in the west suburbs of Chicago.  Earlier this month, his son’s team was in a playoff game against a school called Simeon Career Academy.

Richard was on the sidelines with Nazareth, which is strange, because parents aren’t usually allowed there.  He was dressed up like a referee, because he is a ref, but obviously not for THIS game.

Richard weighed in on a few of the tough calls the ‘official’ refs were making, which all went for Nazareth, who ended up winning the game.

So now, some parents from Simeon are SUING.  They’re calling for Richard and the other refs from the game to lose their jobs, and for Nazareth to be stripped of the win.

Richard is denying that he swayed any of the calls . . . although he DID write on Facebook after the game that, quote, “I made sure the best team won.”

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