Life Gets Easier At The Age of 44??

Is there a point where life gets easier??  According to this new study, life get easier at the age of 44.

The study found that people stress out in their 20s over things like finding a job and saving money. In their 30’s,  people stress over things like moving up in a career and starting a family.

How about your 40s??  Well…..40 year old’s worry about things like finding a work-life balance, your relatives getting older, and planning for the future.

40 year old woman in bathrobe


But 44?  That’s when researchers say things finally turn around, you get all that other stuff done, and you can start relaxing and enjoying your life.

Some favorites of 40 year olds… nice vacations, earning good money,  a nice car, and knowing what’s worth worrying about.

Let’s jump up one decade, your 50’s. The best thing about being your 50s is you stop worrying about what people think about you!

Your 60s….retiring and getting to enjoy your paid-off house and the grandkids.

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