Fast & Jenn

“Fast Eddie” or “Fast” has been on the air in Lafayette Louisiana since 1985, working on many of the top stations during his career. “Fast” has worked behind the scenes in both the programming and sales departments. “Fast” and his wife Jenn are the first local married morning show in the Lafayette market! Family is always first with “Fast and Jenn”. Since the team is married with children, their family seems to be intertwined with their show! It is a unique concept, almost a bit of a “reality” radio show! Find Yes or B.S at 6:50, The Big List of Birthdays at 7:10, Nearly Impossible Question at 7:50, Big 9@9 at 9:00 every weekday Morning!  We are also home of the Big Wheel of Meat on Wednesday Morning at 8:35, Whats the Word on Wednesday and Thursday morning at 8:20 and Throwback Thursday from 7:00 til 10:00 every Thursday am!


Mayonnaise Coffee

Let’s face it, coffee can get complicated these can add different ingredients to a cup, or even add flavored creamer…the list goes on! But MAYO?? A TV sports reporter from Philadelphia named Jim Salisbury tweeted last

Cajun Food Tours

CAJUN FOOD TOURS IS NOW OFFERING AN ALL NEW ‘AROUND THE WORLD IN ACADIANA’ • The new “Around the World Food Tour” introduces guests to authentic international tastes. Taking you to a variety of Lafayette’s best family-owned