Big Brain Drain

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3/23/18 Mariah Aucoin of Lafayette knows that Sophia is the most popular girl name in the world followed by Olivia and Ava. (Mom Junction)

3/22/18 Tammy Hunt of Reeves knew that according to Business Insider, NYC is the top vacation spot in the USA followed by Maui/Honolulu, Hawaii and Vegas, baby!

3/21/18 Connie Harrington of Erath knew the most popular truck of the 90’s was the ’92 GMC Syclone; the ’99 Ford SVT F 150 and the ’94 Dodge Ram rounded the top 3. (

3/20/18 Penny Leger of Lake Charles knew that according to Southern Living, the most popular candle scent in the south is Jasmine, followed by Gardenia and Wisteria.

3/19/18 Kristin Boren of Broussard knows that according to Time Magazine, Cadbury came before Nestle and Hershey, as we celebrate American Chocolate week.

3/16/18 Tony Nab of Scott knew that according to Live Science, Freshwater Fish are the most popular pets in the USA, over cats and dogs.

3/15/18 Bertha Savant of Oberlin correctly guessed that the most popular tennis shoes worldwide Summer ’17 were Nike Vapor Max, followed by Adidas NMD and Gucci Ace Sneaker.

3/14/18 Rachel Dronet of Lafayette (and her daughter…) knew that Madagascar, in addition to being a fun movie, is the largest Island Nation. New Zealand and Guam are 2nd and 3rd respectively.

3/13/18 Mark Stutes of Crowley got it right… he knew the most popular color for painting a house in the USA is Grey… followed by Dark Green and Red.

3/12/18 Ricky Quibodeaux of Bosco doesn’t use them, but knew that the most popular essential oil is Eucalyptus, followed by Frankincense and Lavender.

3/9/18 Frankie Mulligan of Lafayette knew that the most consumed fish in the US is TUNA! (It’s also one of Acadiana’s most lovable radio personalities.) In order: Tuna, Salmon and Tilapia.

3/8/18 Marie Aucoin of Lafayette knew that, according to Martha Stewart Living, Apple Pie is the favorite pie in America… btw- Chocolate Cream and Key Lime are 2nd & 3rd respectively.

3/7/18 Kristin Flor of Youngsville made a Wild guess on the Villanova Wildcats as the NCAA Basketball team with the highest current winning percentage and won the Big Brain Drain.

3/6/18  Holly Dewees of Elton won the Big Brain Drain- she knew that Grand Forks, ND was actually the COLDEST US city… colder than Fargo and Williston, ND.

3/5/18  Congratulations to Sandy LaGrange of Lafayette- Our First Big Brain Drain winner… Which of these is the Hottest US City: Brownsville, TX, Phoenix, AZ or Las Vegas, NV?

Phoenix has the most days over 90.